Thank you for joining us for the #GirlMeetsCode Summer 2023 Programme!

Thank you for joining us for the #GirlMeetsCode Summer 2023 Programme!
Altogether, we had over 240 girls join us for the programme online and in-person! 

Showcase & Winning websites: You can take a look at the GirlMeetsCode website where we’ve showcased some of the websites & quizzes that were built this week! Please use the ‘search’ button to see if your website has been added. 

Adding your website to the showcase: Don’t forget to submit your website url and embed code to be added to the scholar showcase! You can do so using this link:

Year-round programme: If you are already on the year-round programme, you’ll continue to have access to all the video replays and workbook as part of your membership. If you’d like to know more about the #GirlMeetsCode Year-round programme, please fill in the online contact form: 

Certificates: If you’ve joined us for all 5 days of the programme and you have completed the end of programme feedback form, you will receive a certificate. This will be sent to parent email addresses in mid September, so keep an eye out on your inbox!

Thank you once again for joining us for the 5-day summer programme.

We’ve been truly impressed with the hardwork and dedication shown by the girls this week.

Enjoy the rest of your Summer break!